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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


There is also acceleration in predictions of Recession in 2020 that might focus minds on how EU might be severely tested? Not all is original thinking or own analysis; they echo each other. But, that there is a tsunami of this thinking is beyond question and that the forecast could become true is strong likelihood. 2020 Global Recession: much media speculation about impending global crash and the fallout . Some of the predictions are by famous economists offering further bad news for all, merely recession may be optimistic. I’ve been predicting 2020 for a decade. Predictions risk a self-fulfilling prophecy including that 2020 will be similar scale crash to 2008/9 wreaking similar or worse havoc again. This is why government treasuries & central banks never issue such forecasts even if they believe in them, for fear of being thereby responsible for a recession-causing panic reaction. The Independent: “Next global financial crisis will strike in 2020, warns investment bank JPMorgan – sparked by automated trading systems.”1 · The Guardian “we are due a recession in 2020…”2 from Project Syndicate · Forbes: “2020s Might Be The Worst Decade In U.S. History – triggered by contagion from a global credit crisis.”3 · Mark Zandi, chief economist Moody’s, “2020 is a real inflection point.” · Investopedia: housing crash 20204 · Big Think, “…Economists: Second-longest …boom in … ends in 2020…”5 · US national Assoc. Business Economists “recession in 2020…”6 · Market Watch, “…selling your home? Do it before 2020…”7 · Yahoo Finance, “…monetary policy likely cause next recession”…”8 Guggenheim Investment " recession...start in late 2019..."9 _____________________________________________________ Newspapers, magazines, credit agencies & others’ References 1. Stubbly, P (2018), “Next Global Financial Crisis Will Strike In 2020, Warns Investment Bank Jpmorgan,” The Independent, 2. 3. Mauldin, J (2018), “The 2020s Might Be The Worst Decade In U.S. History,” Forbes, 4. And Roubini, N (2018), “The Makings of a 2020 Recession and Financial Crisis,” Project Syndicate, 5. Big Think 6. NABE 7. 8. 9. 10. White, W (2018), “Bad Moon Rising,” Project Syndicate, 11. Prins, N (2018), “4 Pillars of Debt in Danger of Collapse,” Daily Reckoning, Countless others could be cited.